Results of 20th Confined Members Draw on 21st December 2017

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Results of Confined members Draw which took place on 21st December 2017 in the Gateway Hotel Swinford.

1st Prize €10,000 Sandra Frain Meelick Swinford

2nd Prize €2,000 Madeline Horan, Bohola

3rd Prize €2,000 Mary O’Brien Deerpark

4th Prize €1,000 Mary Kennedy Brackloon

5th Prize €1,000 Eugene Hussey Killasser

6th Prize€500 Edward Casey Sweetwell

7th Prize €500 Brian Scully Killasser

8th Prize €500 Jacqueline Lowry Beirne Tibohine

9th Prize €500 Noel Reddington Lislackagh

10th Prize €500 Aoife Sheeran Ballina

11th Prize €200 Leaghann Kennedy Brackloon

12th Prize €200 Ann Cafferty Kilbride

13th Prize €200 Ann Chart Curryane

14th Prize €200 Joe McNamara Station Road Foxford

15th Prize €200 Siobhan Lavin Rabawn

16th Prize €200 Patricia Feeney Carracanada

17th Prize €200 Philip Durkin Carrabeg

18th Prize €200 Paul Halligan Cullane

19th Prize €200 Sharon Ruane Ardhoom Meelick

20th Prize €200 Patrick McLaughlin Carnview

21st Prize €200 Helen Thompson Mooney Graffy Killasser

22nd €200 Liadan  Forkan Kilbride

23rd €200 Keith Forkan Lislackagh

24th Prize €100 Karina Price Cullane

25th Prize €100 Damine Keenan Carrowgolda

26th Prize €100 Tony Gallagher Cregnafia Foxford

27th Prize €100 Tanya Durkan Tullinacurra

28th Prize €100 Kathleen Gavin Meadow Park

29th Prize€100 Vincent Callaghan Tullinacurra

30th Prize  €100 Astro Turf Football Club

31st Prize €100 Dominic Ruane Barnalyre

32nd Prize €100 Kathleen Keating Bollinbrook Drive

33rd Prize €100 Ann Reynolds Brackloon

34th Prize €100 Edel Hyland Killasser

35th Prize €100 Thomas McNulty Tiernunny Killasser

36th Prize €100 Linda Campbell Tavnaglass

37th Prize €100 Peter Moore Dispensary Road Foxford